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Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Contact Name::
Phillip Huntt
Long Business Description:

Phillip Huntt

We have proudly served the Central Florida area for 22 years. We can inspect, service, and repair all types of commercial fire suppression systems including commerical kitchen applications as well as commercial paint booths. We can service your fleet with required on-board fire extinguishers as well as other specialty applications.

We also currently provide fire extinguisher sales, repair, and service for apartment complexes, hotels, nursing homes, and churches. Our past experience has included everything from "Mom-and-Pop" restaurants to large theme parks. In addition, we also sell and service exit and emergency lights. We can provide 24-hour on-call service to your business. We are your "Complete Fire Equipment Company".

Business Address::
10200 Steven Drive
Polk City
Zip Code:
Business Phone Number:
(407) 709-3848