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Integrity Builders of Central FL
Contact Name:
Lew Frye
Long Business Description

Integrity Builders of Central FL specializes in residential, light commercial and church projects. Have completed over 150 projects including remodels and additions.


Privately owned and operated, we perform all levels of building and remodeling. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project. We also offer full design services. We specialize in interior or exterior home renovations, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home additions, garages and more!

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work,and you'll agree that we're the best choice for your home renovation project.

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Perform insurance inspections which include the "4 Point & Wind Mitigation" inspections needed for insurance coverage. Provide whole house inspections, basic or full. Provide Property Cost & Condition Analysis to bring prospective properties up to usable or livable condition for buyers to determine the integrity of the structure and operating systems for a potential purchase.


We have been a Florida State Certified General Contractor since 1978. Florida License #CGC 012362 and a Florida Licensed Home Inspector - Lic # HI 7483.

I am a graduate of East Tennessee State University with a major in Real Estate. Operate in the central Florida area. My base is Lakeland, FL about halfway between Tampa and Orlando. I operate mostly in Polk and Hillsborough Counties but can cover other central Florida Counties depending on the project.


Attend "Ignited Church" in Lakeland, FL. Am founder and president of "Integrity Business Referrals, Inc." the administrator of this website. Often pray for customers as I inspect their homes. Have prayed for healing, financial blessings and have led some to the Lord. Always look for opportunities to minister wherever God leads me.

Business Address:
7922 Sioux Lane
Zip Code
Business Phone Number
(863) 521-3360