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Senior Health Agent

Medicare Starts Now
Business Name
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Daryl Hancock
Long Business Description

Daryl Franklin Hancock is a Investment Advisor Representative through First American National Registered Investment Advisors ( FAN Advisors) with several years of experience. Daryl is registered as an Investment Advisory Rep and is authorized to give investment advice to clients.

SEC registered, serves as a "manager of managers" and offers fee-based advisory services for clients seeking to minimize risk and enhance opportunities for greater performance.

"It's never too late to learn," spoken by Malcomb Forbes, a successful editor of Forbes Magazine, is a statement to which Daryl Hancock, has adhered to throughout his career in business, and continues to do so today as he guides people in the process of planning for their future. Besides his two-year stay in Philadelphia while enlisted in the United States Navy, Daryl has resided in the Plant City / Lakeland area. Daryl has spent an abundance of time and energy investing in the lives of others. Whether it be through his twenty-five year career with Publix Supermarkets or being an active participant in the local youth soccer league as a licensed referee, Daryl utilizes his opportunities to the fullest potential, by leading and guiding others to personal success.

Daryl is happily married to his wife Lisa, who is an educator.He has three children of his own; one who is grown, and two who are currently in high school. At a time in his personal life where financial planning is of its gravest importance, Darylfully comprehends the necessity for parents to retain an understanding of which decisions are most beneficial as it pertains to preparing for their child's educational future. Darylis excited to be a part of the Navigant Team, and is looking forward to helping others discover that "It's never too late to learn."

Products or Services

Investment Advisor and Senior Health Services

Business Address:
245 Oaklanding Ln
Zip Code
Business Phone Number
(863) 617-9346