Our Vision & Mission

Integrity Business Referrals Vision

We recognize that our businesses are our full time ministries! Integrity Business Referrals helps Christian business owners to step fully into the role God has called them to fulfill. Integrity Business Referrals blesses Christian business owners in a practical way in order to fulfill Deuteronomy 8:18.


Integrity Business Referrals Mission

To establish practical operational networking procedures to facilitate prosperity among Christians in the marketplace through use of the following techniques.

Networking – To form strong relationships between each member through local chapter meetings every 2 weeks where we encourage members to:

  • Meet other members
  • Connect with other members
  • Get to know other members
  • Trust other members
  • Do business with other members
  • Refer to others
  • Be vigilant in listening for opportunities for other members and to recommend them whenever possible

Our Website -

Increase Member Visibility – To make every member’s business easily available to anyone who searches on our website. To make every potential customer very comfortable and confident with the member businesses through information, videos, testimonials, and more. To provide an opportunity to connect through blogs on our website and network with other members, wherever they might be.

Maximize Exposure – To maximize the exposure of our organization and website to the general public and to as many Christians as possible so that they can find the professionals they need and trust. This will bless our member businesses who in turn will bless the kingdom of God.

Set the Standard - To establish the highest reputation for excellence by requiring the highest standards among our member businesses. To encourage every member to always be vigilant in listening for opportunities for other members and to recommend them. To encourage each member to sow into each others lives.

Establish God’s Covenant – Our final and ultimate goal. To operate and establish God’s kingdom principles in the marketplace so that God’s economic system becomes the dominant economic system everywhere we have influence. We believe that this will result in the transformation of our city, county, state and nation and will help to prepare the bride for the coming of the Lord


Our Printed Directory

Supply printed directories in localities where chapters or sufficient numbers of members are located for the consumers to take home or to share with others. Update as needed for the local marketplace.