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Frank J. Motola Jr.
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2265 Palmview Circle, Auburndale, FL 33823
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Web Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Photography
Brandtastic provides a combination of a well planned web design, together with all the other elements like Expert Branding, SEO, Blogs, Video, Internet Marketing and Social Media that come together to build online platforms that deliver results.

If You Want More Business You Are In The Right Place!
Our Team Has Worked With New Clients in 11 States and 1 Province in the past year!

Most business people realize they need to utilize the web in many ways to truly see the results they want – more business! What they don’t want to face is what is really required to compete today online. That includes a website designed to convert visitors into customers, an active content marketing program (yes, a BLOG), ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media management (growth of networks and active posting), YouTube videos and a Branding solution that lives up to the great things that your company offers. Many marketing companies offer some of those things, some companies try to do them all themselves, but Brandtastic offers solutions that deliver PROVEN RESULTS. We are not shy about bragging about our clients results! Our latest triumph was a company located in Fresno, CA - our efforts were responsible for a 7 fold increase in web visits in just one year. Just visit our website at to see many more examples of our proven success formula

One of Our Specialties is Internet Marketing. We Build SEO Enabled, Highly Optimized Web Marketing Engines That Deliver New Business & Pay For Themselves Many Times Over. All of our new creations are built using custom coded WordPress platforms that are fully responsive to work well on any device. Web design and development is not just a commodity that we sell, it means active involvement as an insider at your company and in your industry so we can learn how to position your business at the top!

30+ years in business = Experience you can use.
Our work has included extensive work branding and positioning corporations for growth. This has been accomplished by identifying their core message and delivering it effectively to their target market using brand development, marketing plans, web strategy & design, collateral campaigns, trade show planning, SEO / internet marketing & relationship building.

Today, nearly every client we have is interested in using the web to generate leads. Many times that means coming up on top of the search results on Google. Smart clients know that all marketing channels point to their internet presence and they are becoming aware that having a website that "converts" well and attracts visitors via "search" is crucial to success for most every business. As a rule - most every (85%) buying decision, B2B or B2C, is preceded by web research of some kind. We are seeing some amazing results with SEO and internet marketing at BrandTastic. With the hunger from business people to gain knowledge about SEO, and because of the huge amount of mis-information out there we have posted a new section on our website just to educate people about internet marketing. Please take a look and don't hesitate to call us with any questions.

Brandtastic designs incredible effective websites, blogs, and manages fun and fruitful social media campaigns that will have an incredible impact on business. We specialize in Local Marketing and want you to succeed as much as you do!

Our Team is ready to work one-on-one with you and your company to create the Web Marketing that WILL CREATE MORE BUSINESS for You! That is ALL we care about, ask ANY of our clients and they will all tell you about their success stories. We are experts at positioning your company on the web in a way that guarantees new customers. You may have heard all kinds of fairy tales and rumors about how to create a website that is a Lead Generating Machine – well, we actually know how to do just that. No mysterious formulas or crazy schemes that will leave you counting wasted marketing dollars spent with no improvement in business. Does it takes a LOT of work and specific methods, yes – but our dedicated experts are ready to start when you are.

Message From Frank Motola, President Of Brandtastic:

Being the Creative Director / Owner of BRANDTASTIC lets me play the role of conductor with an orchestra of extremely talented and competent people and businesses.

Throughout my career, I have worked to build more business for well over 500 brands from New England to Florida, several in the mid-west and even a few on the left coast. At BRANDTASTIC we provide our clients with a new, leaner and more powerful agency experience. We have large client bases in Hartford, Ct and Orlando, FL, but with the electronic age we live in it is quite easy to do business just about anywhere. Still, there is nothing like at least one face to face meeting which almost always is a part of our plan.

If you value experience, you’ll love the team that I have on board. We have the perfect mix of new, emerging talent and seasoned professionals, ready to meet any challenge. You may have noticed that tradional methods of marketing and advertising are not hitting the mark these days. You need to talk to us soon about coming up with a plan that will deliver measurable results.

Personally, I bring 30+ years of work in the industry to your project. Over that time, I have created branding (logo design) for over 500 companies, and helped many others achieve great results through a network of top professionals. As the Creative Director and chief graphic designer of Brandtastic, I have the honor of orchestrating our talent into a solution for each individual project. Rather than having a huge staff, we’ve assembled a team of over 20 active partners that can provide top notch services, tailored to fit your needs.

So if it has to do with your company’s image, count on us to do it right. From Orlando website design, Hartford logo design to brochure design and SEO in Hartford and Orlando, we are your best bet for a marketing agency you can trust to get results.

The list of our expertise is quite extensive,
so rather than list it here I encourage you to take a
look at our current roster at the website

Call me anytime to see what we can do for your brand!
Frank Motola
cell / 407-414-5270
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Web design, wordpress, motola, new website, blog management, social media
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