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Michelle Grunberg
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1808 S Golfview Dr
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Customer Experience Management
Michelle Grunberg, founder and Leader, is a simple all American girl who grew up with a military father and artist mother. Her faith in the Trinity is the driving force in all she does. After a spiritual awakening on April 4, 2011, her life became simpler and completely driven by the Holy Spirit. Everything iconnectu has done since their beginning on Independence Day 2009 has been to serve Him and his sheep. Mark Grunberg, Michelle’s husband, is her earthly driving force and her biggest fan. Without his encouragement and fortitude iconnectu might not have made it. Natalie, their daughter, is currently studying at USF in International Studies with the goal of taking Iconnectu from America to around the world. Iconnectu has a passion to end extreme poverty. For every new client we serve, we take a child out of extreme poverty alongside World Vision. The first 10% of all revenue goes to the Iconnectu2Life Trust Fund managed by the National Christian Foundation.
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iconnectu was born to build better business for the greater good. How do we do that? The first way is ICUGrow, our business development tool, is the WAY to leverage your existing relationships and turn them into revenue. The second way we build better businesses is ICUCare, our Customer Experience Follow Up calling service. ICUCare is the TRUTH as your clients see you providing retention. The third way we help is ICUGive, corporate social strategy, is the LIFE support the community seeks aligned to your vision and mission. The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Since 2009 we have helped thousands of people grow 30% year over year, keep the clients they get, and give back better. God is our CEO and we are simply servants.
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Plant City Church of God
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